Charleston has a rich military history beginning with its pivotal role in the revolutionary war. Today, the city serves as home for The Citadel, Charleston Air Force Base, the Navy Weapons Center and the Coast Guard. It's no wonder that the Charleston area is home to more than 41,000 military veterans, many of whom need support as they acclimate to civilian life.

Pets 4 G.I.s, mission is to bring comfort and companionship to military veterans by rescuing shelter dogs that have been carefully selected and professionally trained as companion dogs for the purpose of providing emotional support for the veterans to whom we give the animals.  

Dog Paw Print - Pets 4 G.I.s
Dog Paw Print - Pets 4 G.I.s

Pets 4 G.I.s

Our Board of Directors

Les Croland - Pets 4 G.I.s

Les Croland, Director & President

     Les decided to set up the chapter after 38 years as a corporate lawyer. With a strong military presence and a large number of veterans, Les felt the chapter would be a positive way to save shelter animals and at the same time say thank you to military veterans who sacrifice so much for our country. In his spare time, Les plays golf and trains to compete in dog agility with his Aussie, Charlie.

Pets 4 G.I.s - Daniel P. Linas

Daniel P. Linas, Director & Executive Officer

      Daniel currently works as a construction manager at RADCO Residential. He is a Citadel graduate (MBA) and decorated Marine Corps veteran. Daniel has firsthand knowledge of the challenges blending back to society after a tour of combat. To honor his colleague and classmate, Daniel founded the Captain Brandon A. Barrett Memorial Scholarship, for a worthy member of the Marine Contingent at the Citadel. Daniel joined Pets 4 G.I.s in order to support his fellow returning military vets and feed his love of animals. 

Pets 4 G.I.s - Darcie Goodwin

Darcie Goodwin, Director

       Darcie Goodwin currently works as a senior director of advancement communications for the College of Charleston and as an international marketing/ communications consultant for clients including FedEx Express, Nike, and Think Global. Her previous experience includes serving as communications manager for FedEx Express in China and traveling the globe with ORBIS International, where she handled media relations and communications. She has also held positions at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce; US Asia Commercial Development; the Taipei YMCA; and, for former US Congressman Buddy MacKay. Darcie was also a foster parent for one of our own dogs in training. 


 Tom Block, Director

       Tom recently retired to the Charleston area from New Jersey after a long career in corporate finance.  Tom is a CPA and worked for large corporations including Panasonic, Perkin Elmer and Siemens for the last 27 years.  Tom worked in Accounting, Internal Audit, Leasing, Contracting and was a Sales Controller for many years.  Tom's father, a World War II US Army veteran, recently passed away at the age of 92.  Tom also lost his golden retriever, Carolina, a few years ago.  Tom joined Pets 4 G.I.s to honor both his father and his beloved pet Carolina and to help the many veterans who have sacrificed for our country and also to help provide a good home for shelter animals.

Pets 4 G.I.s

Pets 4 G.I.s

 At Pets 4 G.I.s, we believe our country owes military veterans a debt of gratitude. Pets 4 G.I.s, a 501(c)(3),  helps our troops transition back to civilian life by providing trained and carefully selected companion pets. 

Pets 4 G.I.s
Pets 4 G.I.s