Our Matches


Rusty & Scarlett

After the passing of his beloved dog Molly, Navy Veteran Rusty missed having a companion. Fortunately, we were able to place Scarlett with Rusty. He now has another companion to share his life.

Pets 4 G.I.s - Joe and Annabelle

Joe & Annabelle

Joe contacted us after a referral from our local VA.  He wanted a small dog that could sit on his lap and travel everywhere with him.  We found Annabelle, a five year old Miniature Pincher, at Sinbad-Sadie Second Chance Rescue. Joe and Annabelle hit it off right away.  Joe now has a constant companion to share the good times and to help him cope with stressful moments in his life.

Pets 4 G.I.s - Ryan and Priya

Ryan & Priya

Ryan contacted us after a referral from the local VA.  He is currently living alone and wanted an animal companion to share his life.  Priya is an affectionate and playful mix of several dog breeds. Ryan looks forward to long walks on the beach and spending many happy hours with Priya.  We teamed up to make this happy match with Sinbad-Sadie Second Chance Rescue, which is an organization that provides foster parents for shelter dogs.

Pets 4 G.I.s - Todd and Emma

Todd & Emma

Todd reached out to us after hearing positive things about companion dogs while at the Veterans Affairs Hospital.

We worked hard to find a dog with a temperament and personality that would fit Todd and his lifestyle. Emma proved to be a perfect match. Our thanks goes to out Toni Peterson and Robert Rumphrey of Mount Pleasant who fostered Emma throughout her training. Emma is now a member of Todd's family. “She is amazing," said Todd. "She makes me smile often and helps relieve stress. It’s a different type of medication.” (Moultrie News)

Pets 4 G.I.s - Chris and Max

Chris & Max

Chris got in touch with us after hearing about the program from the local VA.  Max is a sweet, lively hound/ shepherd mix that loves to run in the fields -- a perfect match for Chris and his lifestyle.  "Max is such a fun-loving dog; it's great to play with him in my free time. We will heal each other."

Thanks go out to Laverne and Don Smith who fostered Max throughout his training. 

Pets 4 G.I.s - Steven and Isabella

Steven & Isabella

Steven learned about us through his local VA. He dreamed of a small golden retriever. Forty-pound Isabella is part golden retriever with a tail that is almost the length of her body. She has the heart of a golden — affectionate, smart, and loves walks and playing with balls. "Thank you to Pets for G.I.s for uniting me with the dog I always wanted. Isabella is a welcome addition to my family.” Thanks to Darcie Goodwin who fostered Isabella during her training.

Pets 4 G.I.s - Robert and Jilli

Robert & Jilli

Robert contacted us after learning about our organization at the local VA.  At the present time, Robert lives alone and wanted an animal companion to share his life.  Jilli, a Shar Pei mix, bonded immediately with Robert.  "Jilli is just the dog I was looking for.  She is sweet and obedient, and a joy to be with."  The two are now inseparable.  Thanks go out to one of our trainers, Chrisie Argo, who fostered the dog while she trained Jilli to satisfy Robert's requirements.

Pets 4 G.I.s - Chris and Rusty

Chris & Rusty 

Chris was informed about our services by a member of the medical staff at his local VA.  He wanted a small dog to play with and to accompany him on walks.  Rusty is an affectionate and playful animal who is now an important part of Chris’ life.

Pets 4 G.I.s - Angela and Finn

Angela &  Finn

Angela contacted us after a referral from the Charleston, South Carolina VA.  She wanted a small dog, preferably a chihuahua, that would become part of her family.  We located Finn, a two year old chihuahua, at the Charleston Animal Society shelter.  Finn was recovering from a broken leg.  When we introduced Finn to Angela, they bonded right away. Finn now has a new home, and Angela has a buddy with whom she can share her life.